What Our Fans Are Saying 2012

From urbanspoon:

“Perfect Sunday morning! by Lorraine
We stumbled upon this place while poking around Kilauea. We saw a line out the door and knew it had to be good. Waited about 10 minutes for our bakery goodies and local coffee, then took it on the shady patio and listened to a couple of surfer-ish guys belt out some really fun bluegrassy tunes. Great vibe, good food. ”

From Yelp:

” This place offered some of the best options of toppings that you would see at a Coal Fire in Chicago or a Grimaldi’s in New York. They had pesto, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, etc. The pizza was cooked to perfection in my opinion, a golden brown. The crust was a little thick for my liking, but for Kauai I will take it! Plus the staff was very friendly. One of the two nights we were there it was like an episode of cheers as the customers came in and out of the pizzeria. Smiles all around.”—from Chico R., Chicago, IL

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