Kilauea, Kauai Timeline


Important dates in Kilauea history:


1863 – 3016 acres of the area to become Kilauea are purchased for $2000, thus begins the planting of sugar and the establishment of Kilauea Town


1875 – Treaty of Reciprocity with US opens free trade into the states for Hawaiian sugar growers


1876 – Chinese laborers arrive


1878 – Portuguese laborers arrive


1880 – Kilauea Sugar Plantation incorporates; 300 shares at $1000 apiece


1881 – Princess Regent Liliuokalani drives the last spike into the plantation’s railroad


1885 – Japanese laborers arrive


1888 – More laborers arrive from the Gilbert Islands and Portugal


1912 – 31 acres of plantation land are deeded to the U.S. Government for the Kilauea Lighthouse. Construction is completed a year later.


1926 – The plantation manager’s house is built using unique fieldstone construction


1941 – World War II begins. All outlying housing along the coast it ended. Buddhist Hall becomes Army headquarters.


1966 – Record 19,500 tons of sugar harvested. Bridge over Kilauea Stream is constructed.


1971 – Last crop harvested