Kong Lung Trading: Holiday Picks for 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas from Kong Lung Trading

December 2011

Lacquer Boxes from Rex Ray Green ceramic Sake setBoo, very cute dog

The spine of the book, In Dog Years I'm Dead.  Merrily made pen Wood and gold ring by the Branch

Okay, Christmas is only a couple weeks away. So get going to Kong lung Trading to finish off your list. No matter who is left on the list, Kong Lung Trading has a distinctive and appropriate gift for that person (or pet) to fit any budget. Below are a couple more ideas from the girls and guys from Kong Lung Trading to finish off the hard-to-shop-for on your gift list. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Janet TevesThe Picnic Pals from Apple ParkJanet’s Pick:

SO CUTE! These Apple Park stuffed animals, rattles and books are too adorable for words. Janet was gushing about them, making sure that they made the cut for last minute Christmas gifts. The whole Apple Park Picnic Pal collection is available as well as the sweetest little wrist rattles and other must-haves for this Holiday.

Our price: $18.00-$50.00

Deborah Cecil Deborah’s Pick:
Wood bracelet by the branchTHE BRANCH JEWELRY

Each piece uses materials such as Rosewood, Gold, Silver, semi-precious stones and diamonds. The Branch does not to use any form of chemicals on the wood, nothing but beeswax to condition it. Due to the very unique nature of the grain in the wood, each individual piece has the feel of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry – no two pieces are ever the same!

Our price: $88.00-$220.00

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingRex Ray Lacquer Tray available at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

If you are not familiar with Rex Ray yet, do yourself a favor and research his fantastic art. If you are familiar, then get yourself to Kong Lung Trading for these incredible—oh gosh incredible doesn’t do them justice­­­—lacquer boxes and trays. Rex’s influences include Dada, kitsch, pattern and design, pop art, and commercial art – therefore the work translates well onto home decor products.

Our price: $146.00-$392.00

The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

Toy VW Bus with surfboard by SchyllingTeign Valley Glass was born in Teignmouth, Devon, England in 1981 to make marbles for the House of Marbles. Their first glass blowers brought generations of skill from some of Britain’s leading glass houses. It became obvious that they had the skills to make more than marbles and Teign Valley Glass was born as a separate enterprise. See the results in these beautiful single stem vases and paper weights.

Our price: $72.00-$88.00

The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr .Chow’s Pick:

Japanese Obi as a table runnerNouvel Studio is a Mexican company dedicated to the artistic production of glass. Its dedication to good design has brought it international recognition. Its pieces have been exhibited in both national and international fairs and exhibitions, receiving multiple recognitions for their level of design and quality of manufacture. Plus, they are cool. Really cool.

Our price: $22.00

Tom Selleck in Icons of Men's StyleBook of the Month:
by Carol Lynn Pearson

An introspective and spot-on look at growing old. Although the book speaks to the unpleasantness of aging, the humor makes the shared experience fun. Hear your complaints, observations, aches and pains expressed hysterically. And take comfort that we are all going down that road together.

“When did my wild oats turn to prunes and All-Bran?”

“I finally got all of my stuff together and now I can’t remember where I put it.”

Our price: $10.00