Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for November 2011

Gift Ideas from the Girls of Kong Lung Trading

November 2011

Green ceramic Sake set  preppy wallets from Jetsam

Boo, very cute dog  Boo, very cute dog  Merrily made pen

The Holidays are upon us. Not only do Holidays require gifts, it means entertaining too. And where better than Kong Lung Trading to get thoughtful presents, unexpected gifts or stylish household items? This year give the coolest gifts and find out why people travel from all over to do their Holiday shopping at Kong Lung Trading. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.


Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingTraditional Sake Sets at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

Imported Japanese Sake Ware from North American Trading. As Patty says, “Let’s make a Sake statement!” Whether you are interested in the ritual use of traditional sake sets, or are simply in awe of the beauty of these amazing works of art, these are keepsake quality items of desire. Sake sets are a long time favorite of Kong Lung Trading and are becoming a must-have for all of our devotees.

Our price: $32.00-$50.00


Deborah CecilPreppy Wallet by JetsamDeborah’s Pick:

These eco-friendly wallets from Jetsam are made from vintage neckties and flannel shirts. Jetsam is an old-school haberdashery for the guy who doesn’t wear a suit. It’s materials from your father’s generation remade into smart goods for your pocket.

Our price: $46.00


Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

Merrie Buchsbaum, an innovative polymer artists and award winning designer, Pens from Merrily Mademakes her creations in her Connecticut studio. For over 19 years Merrie has been making and selling her work around the country. Merrie is proud to reveal her new line of pens. There are numerous motifs and several styles of pens that appeal to both men and women. Life is too short, have fun whatever you are writing.

Our price: $79.00


The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungToy VW Bus with surfboard by SchyllingOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

As a stylish dog, it is important to be seen in stylish cars. Our Mom drives a SUV, which is fine, but when we dream about pulling up to the beach, it is in something like a 67 Beetle, 62 VW Bus or a Dune Buggy. If you can’t afford a restored classic, maybe one of these die-cast classic toys would look good on your desk or in the hands of your style conscious kid.

Our price: $12.00-$13.00


The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungJapanese Obi as a table runnerMr .Chow’s Pick:

Obi are the belts worn around the waist of a kimono. You may have known that. My name is Mr. Chow, so obviously I did. But leave it up to the girls of Kong Lung Trading to make stylish table runners and create other table-top uses for them. These obi are available in different patterns and colors with lots of additional home accessories to compliment your choice.

Our price: $130.00

Modern House book coverBook of the Month:
by John Welsh

The 20th century has produced some of the most innovative and memorable designs for private houses, which have become architectural icons worldwide. This collection of innovative projects reveal some of the real concerns of world-famous architects, and display the talents of younger designers. The 30 houses included in this book were completed in the 1990s, revealing developments in house design by notable contemporary architects, and demonstrating continuing links with the work of the early 20th-century masters.

Our price: $35.00