Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for March 2012

Large Scale Design from Emissary

March 2012

 Ceramic Koi with Flambe Glaze Bamboo Stool with Yellow green glaze.

Koi Relief Vases The large Ceramic Fish by Emissary Hexagon Dragon Stool

Emissary Home and Garden was established in 1980. What began as a company importing decorative brass items from Thailand quickly expanded into designing wood, metal and ceramic home and garden decor. Their amazing pieces are hand crafted by artisans around the world. Emissary looks beyond trends and delivers design with lasting power.

Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

The Yellow Green bamboo Garden Stool as an end tableThe Bamboo Garden Stool is a refreshing direction to decorative accessories as well as a top quality home and garden product. These are traditionally used in China as tea tables. This 18 inch tall garden stool looks fantastic in the home or in the garden.

The Bamboo Garden Stool in Yellow Green $460.00


Deborah Cecil Deborah’s Pick:

Swimming Koi in Flambe glazeThese alluring ceramic koi make a big statement at 13 inches long. And the glaze, called Flambe, is dynamic and energetic. Each koi is a little different. Beautiful as a home decor accent or a garden decoration.

Our price: $165.00


Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

The Hexagon Dragon Stool is both a garden stool and an end table. That is diverse list of purposes, but when you see these fresh yet familiar pieces, it makes sense. The Emissary garden stool line features non-traditional glazes that bring a touch of high fashion to these 19 inch tall ceramics stools. The Hexagon Dragon Stool in Gold as shown $527.00The dragon stool as an end table



The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

The Koi Relief Vase from EmissaryA modern interpretation of a traditional design. These water tight vases come in three sizes 17, 22 and 24 inches. Perfect for tropical flowers such as heliconia and bamboo. Availible in two finishes, distress foam blue crackle glaze and distress ivory glaze.

Our price: 17” – $475.00, 22” – $500.00, 24” – $635.00


The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr .Chow’s Pick:
Japanese Obi as a table runner

These big fellas are super fun. The large ceramic koi come in turquoise and bright orange glazes. You need to see these in person and be near them for scale. An instant staff favorite.

Our price: $345.00 – $520.00




Tom Selleck in Icons of Men's StyleBook of the Month:
by Akira Nakata

from Amazon:Cover of Kyoto-The Japanese garden
” Kyoto’s gardens are glorious, beautiful, and thought-provoking Japanese treasures without parallel in other lands. This book introduces the soul of Kyoto, the Japanese garden. Addressing variations through the different types of temple gardens—gardens of the imperial family and aristocratic households, and urban courtyard and other gardens—it offers an understanding of the compelling fascination that these gardens’ beauty and philosophical depth inspire. ”

Our price: $34.50