Kong Lung Trading: Holiday Picks for 2011

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas from Kong Lung Trading

December 2011

Lacquer Boxes from Rex Ray Green ceramic Sake setBoo, very cute dog

The spine of the book, In Dog Years I'm Dead.  Merrily made pen Wood and gold ring by the Branch

Okay, Christmas is only a couple weeks away. So get going to Kong lung Trading to finish off your list. No matter who is left on the list, Kong Lung Trading has a distinctive and appropriate gift for that person (or pet) to fit any budget. Below are a couple more ideas from the girls and guys from Kong Lung Trading to finish off the hard-to-shop-for on your gift list. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Janet TevesThe Picnic Pals from Apple ParkJanet’s Pick:

SO CUTE! These Apple Park stuffed animals, rattles and books are too adorable for words. Janet was gushing about them, making sure that they made the cut for last minute Christmas gifts. The whole Apple Park Picnic Pal collection is available as well as the sweetest little wrist rattles and other must-haves for this Holiday.

Our price: $18.00-$50.00

Deborah Cecil Deborah’s Pick:
Wood bracelet by the branchTHE BRANCH JEWELRY

Each piece uses materials such as Rosewood, Gold, Silver, semi-precious stones and diamonds. The Branch does not to use any form of chemicals on the wood, nothing but beeswax to condition it. Due to the very unique nature of the grain in the wood, each individual piece has the feel of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry – no two pieces are ever the same!

Our price: $88.00-$220.00

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingRex Ray Lacquer Tray available at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

If you are not familiar with Rex Ray yet, do yourself a favor and research his fantastic art. If you are familiar, then get yourself to Kong Lung Trading for these incredible—oh gosh incredible doesn’t do them justice­­­—lacquer boxes and trays. Rex’s influences include Dada, kitsch, pattern and design, pop art, and commercial art – therefore the work translates well onto home decor products.

Our price: $146.00-$392.00

The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

Toy VW Bus with surfboard by SchyllingTeign Valley Glass was born in Teignmouth, Devon, England in 1981 to make marbles for the House of Marbles. Their first glass blowers brought generations of skill from some of Britain’s leading glass houses. It became obvious that they had the skills to make more than marbles and Teign Valley Glass was born as a separate enterprise. See the results in these beautiful single stem vases and paper weights.

Our price: $72.00-$88.00

The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr .Chow’s Pick:

Japanese Obi as a table runnerNouvel Studio is a Mexican company dedicated to the artistic production of glass. Its dedication to good design has brought it international recognition. Its pieces have been exhibited in both national and international fairs and exhibitions, receiving multiple recognitions for their level of design and quality of manufacture. Plus, they are cool. Really cool.

Our price: $22.00

Tom Selleck in Icons of Men's StyleBook of the Month:
by Carol Lynn Pearson

An introspective and spot-on look at growing old. Although the book speaks to the unpleasantness of aging, the humor makes the shared experience fun. Hear your complaints, observations, aches and pains expressed hysterically. And take comfort that we are all going down that road together.

“When did my wild oats turn to prunes and All-Bran?”

“I finally got all of my stuff together and now I can’t remember where I put it.”

Our price: $10.00

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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for November 2011

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Gift Ideas from the Girls of Kong Lung Trading

November 2011

Green ceramic Sake set  preppy wallets from Jetsam

Boo, very cute dog  Boo, very cute dog  Merrily made pen

The Holidays are upon us. Not only do Holidays require gifts, it means entertaining too. And where better than Kong Lung Trading to get thoughtful presents, unexpected gifts or stylish household items? This year give the coolest gifts and find out why people travel from all over to do their Holiday shopping at Kong Lung Trading. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.


Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingTraditional Sake Sets at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

Imported Japanese Sake Ware from North American Trading. As Patty says, “Let’s make a Sake statement!” Whether you are interested in the ritual use of traditional sake sets, or are simply in awe of the beauty of these amazing works of art, these are keepsake quality items of desire. Sake sets are a long time favorite of Kong Lung Trading and are becoming a must-have for all of our devotees.

Our price: $32.00-$50.00


Deborah CecilPreppy Wallet by JetsamDeborah’s Pick:

These eco-friendly wallets from Jetsam are made from vintage neckties and flannel shirts. Jetsam is an old-school haberdashery for the guy who doesn’t wear a suit. It’s materials from your father’s generation remade into smart goods for your pocket.

Our price: $46.00


Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

Merrie Buchsbaum, an innovative polymer artists and award winning designer, Pens from Merrily Mademakes her creations in her Connecticut studio. For over 19 years Merrie has been making and selling her work around the country. Merrie is proud to reveal her new line of pens. There are numerous motifs and several styles of pens that appeal to both men and women. Life is too short, have fun whatever you are writing.

Our price: $79.00


The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungToy VW Bus with surfboard by SchyllingOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

As a stylish dog, it is important to be seen in stylish cars. Our Mom drives a SUV, which is fine, but when we dream about pulling up to the beach, it is in something like a 67 Beetle, 62 VW Bus or a Dune Buggy. If you can’t afford a restored classic, maybe one of these die-cast classic toys would look good on your desk or in the hands of your style conscious kid.

Our price: $12.00-$13.00


The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungJapanese Obi as a table runnerMr .Chow’s Pick:

Obi are the belts worn around the waist of a kimono. You may have known that. My name is Mr. Chow, so obviously I did. But leave it up to the girls of Kong Lung Trading to make stylish table runners and create other table-top uses for them. These obi are available in different patterns and colors with lots of additional home accessories to compliment your choice.

Our price: $130.00

Modern House book coverBook of the Month:
by John Welsh

The 20th century has produced some of the most innovative and memorable designs for private houses, which have become architectural icons worldwide. This collection of innovative projects reveal some of the real concerns of world-famous architects, and display the talents of younger designers. The 30 houses included in this book were completed in the 1990s, revealing developments in house design by notable contemporary architects, and demonstrating continuing links with the work of the early 20th-century masters.

Our price: $35.00

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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for October 2011

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Celebrate the Mix!

October 2011

Boo, very cute dogpeace sign earrings by Moonbox Studios Laurel Wilder Art Glass

Pehr Textiles in yellow  Boo, very cute dog

If you love Kong Lung Trading like we love Kong Lung Trading, then you are aware that one of the main attractions is the diverse and ever-changing offerings available. This month we are celebrating the mix. We are all over the map with the simple, the bohemian, the classy, and the classic. We have something for everybody, and things to surprise and inspire. We hope you enjoy our eclectic choices. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.

Deborah CecilFossilized Coral pendant on a necklace from Moonbox StudioDeborah’s Pick:

Deborah is very excited to share Moonbox Studio with you. “Hippie chic,” she giggled as a descriptor of the bohemian jewelry from Patrick and Katy Jane Conlin. Described as adornment for your soul, this couple does all of their own metalsmithing, casting and setting for this fun and luminous collection.

Our price: $138-$564

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

Laurel Wilder Art Glass at Kong Lung TradingThis beautiful art glass reflects an earthy spirit and playful expression, capturing natural images such as leaves, birds, animals and butterflies. Each piece is handcrafted in Visalia, California, using decoupage, gold embellishment and original artwork. The pieces are offered in a range of sizes and shapes.

Our price: $120-$235

Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

Christmas shirts from Tori RichardsTori Richards has long been the classic aloha shirt and this limited edition, hard to find holiday collection solidifies their reputation for taste, class and poignant humor. This collection is only available at select retailers for a short period of time. Liven your holiday parties with great design and fine fabrics.

Our price: $138.00

The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

A book about Boo, the cutest dog in the worldBoo is a 5-year-old Pomeranian with 1.5 million Facebook fans. So when a book was published celebrating the adorable dog’s life, of course Olive and Mochi wanted to choose it for their pick of the month. His signature fluffy head and teddy bear like persona are irresistibly adorable. Everyone loves Boo!

Our price: $12.95

The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr .Chow’s Pick:

Classic wooden toy turtle by Manny & SimonClean, simple, high-quality products that stimulate kids’ never-ending imagination. Manny & Simon follow a path of environmental and social responsibility with a commitment to using organic and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. This collection of children’s products take classic animals and vehicles children love and transforms them into contemporary essentials for every kid!

Our price: $48-$135

Coer of "Icons of Men's StyleTom Selleck in Icons of Men's StyleBook of the Month:
by Josh Sims

Steve McQueen. Get Carter-era Michael Caine. Connery as Bond. Tyson in tighty-whiteys. The new Icons of Men’s Style is authored by one of the UK’s most respected and measured men’s fashion journalists, Josh Sims. Sims takes apart the staples of the male wardrobe in forensic detail and with real vim and vigor and aligns it with a visual smorgasbord.

Our price: $29.95

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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for September 2011

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The Robots Are Here.

September 2011

robot bag by envirosax Pehr Textiles in yellow

Sparkling Mike The Robot  Robot growth chart by Oopsy Daisy

Our designer has taken over and we think he may be controlled by robots! You read that correctly, robots. He insisted that all of our choices be robots this month. We have robots for children and grown-up children both, so if you like robots, or are controlled by them, come in to get your own. We hope you enjoy our somewhat robotic choices. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, to see all of our favorites robotic and non-robotic gifts, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.

Lucky Cat Piggy BankPatty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingPatty-Tron’s Pick:

These 12” x 42” growth charts are created on artists canvas with grommets placed in the four corners make them easy to hang. They come with color coordinated decorative covers that easily fit over the screw or nail you use. This product creates a great childhood keepsake and rolls up easily for safe storage. The growth chart can be wiped clean with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth and should it wrinkle, the backside may be ironed on a low setting with light steam. A magic marker (not included) is a great way to mark dates or ages on the chart.

This particular growth chart (right) features a robot illustration by Max Grover.

Robot-walk into Kong Lung Trading and get yours today for $69.50.


Deborah CecilDeborah 2000’s Pick:

SParkling Mike the robotRemember the original 7” windup robot toys made in the 1950’s in Japan? They’re back. This version by Schylling Co. walks as sparks shoot through his chest. The on/off switch on his back pack controls the action. Box for Sparkling MikeGreat classic boxy design from which many other robots were born. The walking mechanism on Sparkling Mike is very unique and referred to as the “pizza cutter mechanism”, whereby each foot has a wheel attached to a shaft that moves inside the foot enabling Mike to walk. An ingenious design which causes Mike to skate rather than walk.

Skate like Sparkling Mike to Kong Lung Trading and pick up your own for $28.00.


Janet TevesJanet-Bot’s Pick:

Robot playground ball by crocodile creekA lot of the buzz around these simple balls has to do with the fact that they are rubber. No PVC. No latex. No Vinyl. Crocodile Creek products conform to all of the appropriate safety standards. Heavy duty, brightly-colored textured ball is great for indoor or outdoor play. Meri Meri MermaidsWhatever, they are just really, really cool! Check out these awesome robot illustrations. Awesome.

Bounce down to Kong Lung Trading to catch yourself a Crocodile Creek Playground Ball $13.50


The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive-Droid & Mochi-Nator’s Pick:

Envirosax Robots BagWe have been proclaiming these environmentally conscious bags as one of the best things you can own for a while now. What if you can get one with a robot on it? Then it becomes a must-have. Woo-hoo, a super functional, earth-friendly bag with a killer robot on it.

Walk your dogs down to Kong Lung Trading and bag yourself an Envirosax $12.00


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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for July 2011

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Good Design Makes the World Go ‘Round (Or At Least Makes It More Fun).

July 2011

Bento boxes by kotobuki Eat Like A Man

Twinkle Toes cupcake cases Pehr Textiles in yellow

The common and everyday things in your life can make you smile. They don’t need to be boring or utilitarian. Good design makes thing function better, look better and enhance our lives in more ways than you have ever considered. This month we will look at some simple items taken to a higher level by great design. We hope you enjoy our choices. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, to see all of our favorites, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.

Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

Woof Woof cupcake cases by Meri MeriWhat started with one kitchen table, a pair of scissors and some glitter 25 years ago has become a bit of a sensation. Meri Meri’s award-winning stationary and gifts, created in Cheltenham, one hour west of London, England, are now available in select design-savvy retailers around the world.

Meri Meri MermaidsThese super fun designs are a sure fire way to liven up any party! As if cupcakes weren’t fun and popular enough, enter Meri Meri’s Bake Me A Cake line of cupcake cases, toppers and matching napkins. As Janet confirms, “I would let you photograph my set of Patisserie Cupcake Cases, except I already used them! Ha ha!” From $5.95 to $16.

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingLucky Cat Piggy BankPatty’s Pick:

Kotobuki has been importing high designed Japanese artistry since 1976. They provide a wide array of crafts from Japan including ceramics, kitchenware, ironware, lacquer/wood/bamboo, home decor/garden, origami, and more.

Bento Box By Kotobuki ImportsFeatured this month are the Bento Boxes, Tea Canisters and Maneki Neko Piggy Banks.

The Japanese Bento (lunchbox) has been around since the Fifth Century and has gone through many changes in material, design, popularity and function. As recently as the 1980s, the Bento has made a big comeback. Kong Lung Trading has gorgeous new Bentos from Kotobuki starting at $45.

Kotobuki Tea CanisterJapanese tea canisters are beautiful, decorative, and cost effective. Why wouldn’t one of these Kotobuki Tea Canisters make your tea drinking experience more pleasurable? They’re so cute! Kotobuki Tea Canisters from $35.

The Maneki Neko, literally “Beckoning Cat” or Lucky Cat, is believed to bring good luck to the owner. The sculpture is of a cat beckoning with an upright paw. In the design of the sculptures, a raised left paw supposedly attracts money, while a raised right paw protects it. These Lucky Cats by Kotobuki also ensure financial success because they are piggy banks! Or is that a kitty bank? Starting at $39.

Deborah CecilNapkins by Pehr of Toronto Deborah’s Pick:

Pehr re-thinks the way you buy home textiles. With an assortment of classically simple yet modern prints, Pehr allows you to mix and match (or pair) designs to create a look that suits you. With an edited assortment of prints and colors, the Pehr collection ensures a simply beautiful result every time.Design detail of Pehr Linens

These simple yet elegant textiles are machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle with mild detergent and tumble dry low. From $12.50 to $50.

Cover of Esquire's Eat Like A ManBook of the Month:

The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need
A spread from Eat Like A Manby Ryan D’Agostino (Editor) , Marcus Nilsson (Photographer) , Tom Colicchio (Foreword by) , David Granger (Introduction)

Overview courtesy of Esquire:

“…So long, dude food. Most men who love food have a roasting pan and a decent spice rack, but they’re still looking for that one book that has all the real food they love to eat and wish they could cook. Esquire food editor Ryan D’Agostino is here to change that with his unapologetically male-centric Eat Like a Man a choice collection of 75 recipes and food writing for men who like to eat, cook, and read about great food. It’s the Esquire man’s repertoire of perfect recipes, essays on how food figures into the moments that define a man’s life, and all the useful kitchen points every man needs to know. Satisfying, sexy, definitive, and doable, these are recipes for slow Sunday mornings with family, end-of-the-week wind-down dinners with a lady, Saturday night show-off entertaining, poker night feeds, and game-day couch camping. Or, for when a man is just hungry.”

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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for June 2011

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Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

June 2011

NAMBU TEKKI CAST IRON TOOL BOTTLE OPENERcover from the book entitled "Nobody's Fool"

Middle Kingdom Chinese PorceleinBai Clocks blue niteglow travel clock

Take the time to find a gift special enough for your dad on this Father’s Day. Here are some of our favorites dad-centric gifts. We hope you enjoy our choices. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, to see all of our favorites, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.

Deborah CecilLacquer Boxes by Pacific Connection Deborah’s Pick:

Lacquered boxes have been around for thousands of years. Originally created as an inexpensive alternative to turtle shell or ivory boxes, these super sturdy paper crafts are a staple in Asia. They were used for special, functional purposes such as carrying water, storing rice, or even as specific as for carrying sweets to a wedding party.Lacquer Box with Ocean Blue Paper inlay

These boxes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Kong Lung Trading carries boxes from Pacific Connection and Sakai Toki. Prices from $40 to $150.

Janet TevesTouring Moto clock by Jansen+coJanet’s Pick:

Is your dad always late? Then the choice is obvious, get him a clock. We have various styles and sizes to suite your dad’s discriminating taste. Perhaps he would like the cool, Kronosworks "Progress Clock"retro-modern Bai Clocks’ styles. Maybe he is more suited for the stylish statement clocks by Jansen + co of Amsterdam (right)? And if your dad is the artsy type, the Kronosworks “Not so small” art clocks from Rickard Studio (left) may be perfect?

Prices from $37 to $275.

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung Trading

Pots with Chinese Characters by Middle Kingdom

Patty’s Pick:

You probably don’t remember when that was a good thing. But Middle Kingdom strives to revive the luxurious connotation of “Made in China” in their porcelain. Bo and Alison Jia resurrected a reverence for classical Song and Ming aesthetics, which translate well into the modern world.

Rice bowl set by Middle KingdomTheir craft is uniquely beautiful and at each stage of creation great attention is paid to quality, workmanship and adheDecorative porcelein by Middle Kingdomrence to the highest standards.

Please visit Kong Lung to see these wonderful and special pieces from Middle Kingdom. Individual prices from $38 to $41. Sets from $74 to $498.

The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong Lungcast iron pliers bottle openerOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

This is so dad! These classic tools hand-forged in traditional Nambu Tekki are handsome and useful. The heavy iron pieces pop bottle tops with ease and are an attractive ornament hung along walls or kitchen backsplashes. Nambu Cast Iron was first made in the middle of the 17th century in Iwate, Northern Japan. A master from Kyoto was summoned there to create an iron pot for a tea ceremony, and it was the beginning of the Nambu Tekki (Cast Iron) craft. It became exemplary of Japanese Traditional Craft, and is still popular today. The black color is the result of a Japanese lacquer glaze call urushi which prevents rust.

Choose from hammer, pincers, pliers, and wrench. Prices from $25 to $45.

Cover of Bite MeBook of the Month:

A Stomach-Satisfying, Visually Gratifying, Fresh-Mouthed Cookbook
by Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat

This is not your mother’s cookbook. Bite Me is a sassy, off-kilter and ironically functional everyday cookbook.

“…Bite Me is truly a tale of two sisters – one sisters’ spicy wit, wile and whimsy to another’s sauce of cuisine, craft and confection. Passionate eaters and skilled feeders, these dedicated mothers and businesswomen are full of beans, basil, balsamic vinegar, butter…you get the picture. “What has always been so great for us is that we complement each other, we admire each other for our differences and similarities and that, most important, we make each other laugh.”

A spread from Bite Me

Bite Me is the 272-page result of the kitchen odyssey these two sisters embarked on. First self-published in Canada, Bite Me went on to win the 2010 and 2011 Independent Publishers Book Award Silver Medals for cookbooks and has sold over 20,000 copies.

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