Kong Lung Trading: New Picks for July 2012

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There is Always Something New at Kong Lung Trading

July 2012

 Super cute children's halter dress by Kauai designer Pint Size.  The beautiful Lotus Pattern on the porcelain sushi set, includes chopsticks  Ebony candlesticks by Outpost Original

A beautiful hoto of Funktion's funky aprons.  A beautiful necklace by Dana Caruso

The hardest thing about working at Kong Lung Trading, besides spending your entire paycheck on goodies, is describing what we sell. The inventory changes on a daily basis. And no one pigeon hole can hold all of our offerings, except maybe “beautiful.” So here are a few brand new items to help you—and us—get a firm grip on Kong Lung Trading. Stop in today and see for yourself that we sell the finest gifts you never seen.

Janet TevesImported Japanese suacer and bowl by Miya. Pattern shown in Ginkgo.Janet’s Pick:

What started in 1947 as Mr. Miya’s flower shop on 28th Street in New York City has evolved into one of the leading importers of Japanese tableware and gifts. Owned and operated by the Matsukawa family, Miya continues to bring you the best of Japan. Now available at Kong Lung Trading are lovely pieces such as these incredible porcelain sushi sets and tableware.

Plate-$23.00, Sushi Set with chopsticks-$55.00, Bowl-$15.00. Porcelain tableware in Ginkgo or Lotus pattern


Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

These functional home accessories are breathtaking, even for Kong Lung Trading standards. Imported from Mozambique, these extraordinarily carved ebony wood items include candle sticks, vessels, serving utensils and more. Their architectural structure, crafted by incredibly skilled artisans living in Mozambique’s vast woodlands, are both useful and beautiful.BedHead Robe and Cami/Shorts set

These pieces are created from sustainably sourced mpingo wood (the Kiswahili word for the dark hardwood also known as African black wood or Mozambican ebony) that grows prolifically in Mozambique’s forests.

Ebony Accessories by Outpost Original $14.00-$178.00


Deborah CecilDeborah’s Pick:

Cool bracelets by artisan jeweler Dana Caruso

How can you not love a necklace called Blue Hawaii? That is rhetorical by the way. We LOVE the new line by Dana Caruso. Great price point, great colors, great style.

Dana Caruso is a long time jewelry designer in Sonoma County, CA. Inspired by the beauties of nature, Dana uses natural gemstones and precious pearls to create one of a kind artisan made pieces. Each design is handcrafted. Dana Caruso Jewelry $72.00-$264.00


The famous Mochi and Olive of Kong Lung

Olive & Mochi’s Pick:

Pint Sized in Paradise, a local children's clothing designer's fun patterns and dress.

Check out these super cute children’s dresses by local designer Pint Size. She creates amazing patchwork Pillow Case dresses, Apron dresses, Halter Rompers, and Triangle Top Onesies.

I think you just found your next baby shower gift. Too cute for words!

Pint Size in Paradise dresses $37.00-$48.00

One of the store's mascots, Mr. Chow, seems to like the Cat's Eye Plate by Miya.The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr. Chow’s Pick:

Miya, importer of Japanese products with cultural value, delivers beautiful, unique, practical, impractical, fun, classic, traditional, modern and wonderful gifts with a Japanese aesthetic.

And speaking of fun, we had to show you how much Mr. Chow loved these Cat’s Eye plates. A no-brainer for his pick this month.

Cat’s Eye Plates $15.00



Cover of decorating with flowersBook of the Month:
by Bruce Rogers with photos by Greg Allikas

This book demystifies the growing process and features more than 100 gorgeous color photos of breathtaking plants. Best of all, it reveals pro secrets not found anywhere else for blooming, repotting, spotting hazards and pests, grooming, The cover of Orchid Whispererdecorating and more. Perfect for beginners as well as orchid experts looking for new tricks, The Orchid Whisperer provides everything readers need to know to keep healthy orchids that will flower again and again!

The Orchid Whisperer $19.95.

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Kong Lung Trading: Holiday Picks for 2011

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas from Kong Lung Trading

December 2011

Lacquer Boxes from Rex Ray Green ceramic Sake setBoo, very cute dog

The spine of the book, In Dog Years I'm Dead.  Merrily made pen Wood and gold ring by the Branch

Okay, Christmas is only a couple weeks away. So get going to Kong lung Trading to finish off your list. No matter who is left on the list, Kong Lung Trading has a distinctive and appropriate gift for that person (or pet) to fit any budget. Below are a couple more ideas from the girls and guys from Kong Lung Trading to finish off the hard-to-shop-for on your gift list. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Janet TevesThe Picnic Pals from Apple ParkJanet’s Pick:

SO CUTE! These Apple Park stuffed animals, rattles and books are too adorable for words. Janet was gushing about them, making sure that they made the cut for last minute Christmas gifts. The whole Apple Park Picnic Pal collection is available as well as the sweetest little wrist rattles and other must-haves for this Holiday.

Our price: $18.00-$50.00

Deborah Cecil Deborah’s Pick:
Wood bracelet by the branchTHE BRANCH JEWELRY

Each piece uses materials such as Rosewood, Gold, Silver, semi-precious stones and diamonds. The Branch does not to use any form of chemicals on the wood, nothing but beeswax to condition it. Due to the very unique nature of the grain in the wood, each individual piece has the feel of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry – no two pieces are ever the same!

Our price: $88.00-$220.00

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingRex Ray Lacquer Tray available at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

If you are not familiar with Rex Ray yet, do yourself a favor and research his fantastic art. If you are familiar, then get yourself to Kong Lung Trading for these incredible—oh gosh incredible doesn’t do them justice­­­—lacquer boxes and trays. Rex’s influences include Dada, kitsch, pattern and design, pop art, and commercial art – therefore the work translates well onto home decor products.

Our price: $146.00-$392.00

The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

Toy VW Bus with surfboard by SchyllingTeign Valley Glass was born in Teignmouth, Devon, England in 1981 to make marbles for the House of Marbles. Their first glass blowers brought generations of skill from some of Britain’s leading glass houses. It became obvious that they had the skills to make more than marbles and Teign Valley Glass was born as a separate enterprise. See the results in these beautiful single stem vases and paper weights.

Our price: $72.00-$88.00

The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr .Chow’s Pick:

Japanese Obi as a table runnerNouvel Studio is a Mexican company dedicated to the artistic production of glass. Its dedication to good design has brought it international recognition. Its pieces have been exhibited in both national and international fairs and exhibitions, receiving multiple recognitions for their level of design and quality of manufacture. Plus, they are cool. Really cool.

Our price: $22.00

Tom Selleck in Icons of Men's StyleBook of the Month:
by Carol Lynn Pearson

An introspective and spot-on look at growing old. Although the book speaks to the unpleasantness of aging, the humor makes the shared experience fun. Hear your complaints, observations, aches and pains expressed hysterically. And take comfort that we are all going down that road together.

“When did my wild oats turn to prunes and All-Bran?”

“I finally got all of my stuff together and now I can’t remember where I put it.”

Our price: $10.00

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Cake Nouveau: New Shell Jewelry, Analili, Hobo and Bracelets from Nepal

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Available at Cake Nouveau

November 2011

Shell Earings, Nepal braclets, Hobo Clutch, Analili dressCake Nouveau has a stunning collection of shell jewelry including these Sunrise Shell earrings and Papal Mitre earrings (left).
Jen is wearing a dress by Analili, with a clutch by Hobo and accessories by Julie Mai (center). On the right is a collection of
gorgeous bracelet, hand-crocheted by women artists of Nepal. Purchase of these incredible bracelets helps to improve the quality of life
for these Nepalese women and their families, and makes you look good too!
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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for October 2011

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Celebrate the Mix!

October 2011

Boo, very cute dogpeace sign earrings by Moonbox Studios Laurel Wilder Art Glass

Pehr Textiles in yellow  Boo, very cute dog

If you love Kong Lung Trading like we love Kong Lung Trading, then you are aware that one of the main attractions is the diverse and ever-changing offerings available. This month we are celebrating the mix. We are all over the map with the simple, the bohemian, the classy, and the classic. We have something for everybody, and things to surprise and inspire. We hope you enjoy our eclectic choices. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.

Deborah CecilFossilized Coral pendant on a necklace from Moonbox StudioDeborah’s Pick:

Deborah is very excited to share Moonbox Studio with you. “Hippie chic,” she giggled as a descriptor of the bohemian jewelry from Patrick and Katy Jane Conlin. Described as adornment for your soul, this couple does all of their own metalsmithing, casting and setting for this fun and luminous collection.

Our price: $138-$564

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

Laurel Wilder Art Glass at Kong Lung TradingThis beautiful art glass reflects an earthy spirit and playful expression, capturing natural images such as leaves, birds, animals and butterflies. Each piece is handcrafted in Visalia, California, using decoupage, gold embellishment and original artwork. The pieces are offered in a range of sizes and shapes.

Our price: $120-$235

Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

Christmas shirts from Tori RichardsTori Richards has long been the classic aloha shirt and this limited edition, hard to find holiday collection solidifies their reputation for taste, class and poignant humor. This collection is only available at select retailers for a short period of time. Liven your holiday parties with great design and fine fabrics.

Our price: $138.00

The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

A book about Boo, the cutest dog in the worldBoo is a 5-year-old Pomeranian with 1.5 million Facebook fans. So when a book was published celebrating the adorable dog’s life, of course Olive and Mochi wanted to choose it for their pick of the month. His signature fluffy head and teddy bear like persona are irresistibly adorable. Everyone loves Boo!

Our price: $12.95

The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr .Chow’s Pick:

Classic wooden toy turtle by Manny & SimonClean, simple, high-quality products that stimulate kids’ never-ending imagination. Manny & Simon follow a path of environmental and social responsibility with a commitment to using organic and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. This collection of children’s products take classic animals and vehicles children love and transforms them into contemporary essentials for every kid!

Our price: $48-$135

Coer of "Icons of Men's StyleTom Selleck in Icons of Men's StyleBook of the Month:
by Josh Sims

Steve McQueen. Get Carter-era Michael Caine. Connery as Bond. Tyson in tighty-whiteys. The new Icons of Men’s Style is authored by one of the UK’s most respected and measured men’s fashion journalists, Josh Sims. Sims takes apart the staples of the male wardrobe in forensic detail and with real vim and vigor and aligns it with a visual smorgasbord.

Our price: $29.95

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Lotus Gallery’s 2011 Summer Featured Items

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For July/August 2011

19th Century Ruby Pendent with 22K Gold

Ruby Pendent


17mm Tahitian Black Pearl Choker
with Diamonds and White Gold

Tahitian Pearl



22K Gold Necklace with Rubies

Lotus Gallery's Ruby Pendant

22K Antique Navaratma Ring

Navaratma Ring



22K Gold Toda Tribe Necklace
Set with Rubies

Antique Toda Tribe Necklace



18th Century Holdall Jade Pendent
with 22K Gold

Lotus Gallery's Jade Holdall Pendant with 22K gld

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