Coconut Style

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Picture of the entrance to Coconut Style at Kong Lung Center



Coconut Style has taken the simple things of Hawaii and blended them into a line of exclusive clothing. Styles with a relaxed feel, rich colors and easy textures. Originality with an innate freedom that reflects our island way of life.

Color comes naturally to Hawaii and is an essential part of everything we make. Dyes from India, Indonesia, China and Germany, are all mixed by hand creating an incredible range of colors.

Coconut Style’s relaxed textures have a comfortable, casual elegance. Soft silk blends, cotton wash and high quality rayons, are all hand painted in beautiful tropical motifs, reflecting the gentle influence of the Islands.

Everything is made by hand, giving their designs an inherent quality and simplicity not found anywhere else.


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Banana Patch Online Review

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Details of items found in Banana Patch Studios

Mahalo to Joyce D. of Bellevue, WA for this great yelp review.

Wow, I love this little store. How can you resist the ubiquitous “Mahalo for removing your shoes” tiles? But even if you don’t care for those, this place has so many beautiful things in it – great variety of tiles, wooden bowls, straw bags, jewelry etc. Not tacky, souvenir stuff, but nice things I’d buy even if I wasn’t on vacation. The workers are friendly, they’ll ship stuff to the mainland, and there’s a corner of comfy sofas and benches outside for the non-shoppers who want to chill while you shop. Some of the things in here are quite pricey (like Niihau shell jewelry), but there are lots of little, affordable things as well.


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Midnight Series at Banana Patch Studios

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Banana Patch Studios & Aloha Spice Company

April 2012

Hand Painted Ceramics By Joanna Carolan - The Midnight Series

The Midnight Series created on Kauai by renowned artist Joanna Carolan. These hand painted ceramics come as plates, bowls, serving dishes, vases, cups of many sizes, canisters and serving sets.

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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for May 2010

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HandPrint Textiles available at Kong Lung Center

May 2010

Hand Print textiles available at Kong Lung Trading

Handprint is a family run business that focuses on designed hand crafted textiles for the home.Their workshop is designed with organic materials, open spaces and natural light to create an environment that inspires crafts people and designers. They develop new dyeing techniques, block and screen prints, machine and hand embroidery patterns and have quilting facilities all under one roof. Their designers bring these indigenous techniques and traditional patterns together with a contemporary sensibility to design their products for the global market. Here at Kong Lung Trading we offer a full line of Cotton Robes and Table Linens in the seasons’ most vibrant colors.
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