Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for April 2012

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In Praise of Pattern

April 2012

Hand Made Silk Kimono by Handprint Colour Nature dish towels Swankie Blanki Forgotten Shanghai clutch, business card holder and coin purse Photo book by Rag & Bone

If you stop and really take a good hard look, pattern surrounds your every move. From natural patterns in the clouds, to the tile under your feet, humans live in a world of pattern. At Kong Lung Trading, the patterns we love are the eye-catching, pretty patterns, culturally authentic patterns, and the surprising, fun patterns. We have traditional japanese kimonos, children’s security blankets, and even paper products with every type of pattern you can imagine. Starting to see a pattern here? Stop in to Kong Lung Trading to get your pattern fix today.

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

Modern prints on traditional kimonosHandprint is a family run business that focuses on design and hand crafted textiles. Their workshop is designed with organic materials, open spaces and natural light to create an environment that inspires crafts people and designers. They develop new dyeing techniques, block and screen prints and machine and hand embroidery patterns. Their designers bring these indigenous techniques and traditional patterns together with a contemporary sensibility to design products for the global market.

Kimonos $75.00


Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

Inspired pattern on Linens from Colour NatureDish towels are not exciting. Or are they? Look at these beautiful, elegant, French-inspired, Indian woodblock-printed linens and try to not be impressed. Colour Nature has raised the bar on print and pattern with these highly sought-after kitchen accessories. They are available in many colors and prints and a constant crowd pleaser.

Colour Nature Dish Towels $15.00


Deborah CecilDeborah’s Pick:

These “Fortune Cookie Boxes” are so fun with their bold prints and ingenious entry. Immediately you realize that these could function as coin purses, earring holders, key holders, etc. And with matching or complimentary mini-clutches, business cards and silk covered mirrors, your entire pocket book just got a very stylish overhaul.

Medium Fortune Cookie Boxes $ 8.00 • Silk Mini Clutch $35.00 • Business Card Holder $20.00 • Pocket Mirror $17.50

Cool pattern from Forgotten Shanghai


The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

Susie Grant first produced the Swankie Blankie Security Blankets and Receiving Blankets for friends and family. Soon exclusive boutiques began carrying Swankie Blankie products as well.Olive the dog relaxes on Swankie Blankie
These practical accessories are both well made and stylish, creating a luxurious appeal. All of these products are handmade in Texas with the utmost care and close attention to detail. Most importantly, all of Swankie Blankie products are machine washable and durable to provide lasting enjoyment for years to come. And they are Olive approved (right photo).
Receiving Blanket $80.00 • Security Blanket $32.50


The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungMr .Chow’s Pick:

Adress book and guest book from Rag & BoneThe Rag & Bone story begins with a gift, a hand-bound blank page journal Ilira Steinman made for Jason Thompson. Inspired, Jason began studying the art of bookbinding. Shortly after, he sold his first journals to a small stationery store in Providence.
Within a few years he added new book styles and bindings including Photo Albums and Guestbooks. He also added his wife Ilira. And their shared interest in the artful and handmade continues to feed the business.

Address Book $55.00 • Photo frame Album $60.00 • Guest Book $55.00


A spread of beautiful patterns in the V & A Pattern: KimonoBook of the Month:

The best of Paula Pryke’s classic and contemporary floral arrangements—in an accessible format to inspire novice and expert alike. Paula Pryke is unsurpassed in creating floral arrangements. Included are her signature contemporary designs as well as Cover of V+A Pattern: Kimonoold-fashioned bouquets with a modern sense of color and form. Packed with ideas, skills, and techniques, this book explores the latest trends in floral design and encourages readers to let their personal style flourish with step-by-step instructions. Gorgeously illustrated, this compilation is an invaluable catalog of ideas and inspirations.

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Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for February 2012

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February 2012

Great Gifts

The Year of The Dragon shirt by Tori Richards   Wood and gold ring by the Branch  Batchelor Pad by Schleer design

Baby Owls by Trudi  The Tiffen Lunch Box by Vivo

This month we are focusing on the keikis. Whether you need a baby shower gift or that perfect present for a niece or nephew’s luau, Kong Lung Trading is the best place for gifts. As Spring approaches, we will continue to bring in great new products for our little ones and while you are shopping you will have a chance to get a jump start on graduation, wedding and of course anniversary gifts.

Patty Ewing at Kong Lung TradingLisa neimeth Ceramics are available at Kong Lung TradingPatty’s Pick:

Kong Lung Trading carries lots of these beautiful board games, puzzles and learning activities that provide plenty of excitement for the whole family. A couple of our favorites include Storefront Bingo, a fun twist on the classic bingo game. And Toolbox Matching Game, challenge your memory and recognition skills with this toolbox inspired game with amazing illustrations. Endless fun. Game pieces stored in a nifty cotton canvas bag!

Our price: $21.00-$27.00


Janet TevesJanet’s Pick:

Innobaby makes some extremely good looking products. The best part is that the designs are paired with incredible function. The Picnic Pals from Apple ParkWhen the highly aesthetic meets the super functional, like Innobaby, you get products that make life better. Kong Lung Trading has Packin’ SMART Lock & Lock Stacking Bento, Packin’ SMART Keepaa Multi Use Drink & Juice Box Holder, Packin’ SMART 5 Tier Original, and more.

Our price: $22.00-$28.00


Deborah Cecil Deborah’s Pick:

For countless generations, mothers have swaddled and cared for their children with natural muslin. aden + anais® has gone one step further to Wood bracelet by the branchbring you soft, silky rayon from bamboo fiber muslin. Luxuriously soft, it is the ideal fabric to use on delicate baby skin. All aden + anais products are available in fashion forward prints that say as much about your style as they do about the traditions that bind mothers together around the world.

Our price: cotton $17.00 Bamboo $18.50


The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungThe cutest lion from Trudi, an Italian designerOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

Children love to play kitchen. And what is sweeter than sharing your love of cooking with a child? Make it all that much more perfect with these adorable Kitchen Aprons by Suzi Wood. All are 100% cotton, hand-made, children’s sized aprons in fun patterns. Each comes with a child’s size rolling pin, rubber spatula and a whisk.

Our price: $22.00


The wonderful Mr. Chow of Kong LungJapanese Obi as a table runnerMr .Chow’s Pick:

Children love to play kitchen. And what is sweeter than sharing your love of cooking with a child? Make it all that much more perfect with these adorable Kitchen Aprons by Suzi Wood. All are 100% cotton, hand-made, children’s sized aprons in fun patterns. Each comes with a child’s size rolling pin, rubber spatula and a whisk.

Our price: $12.50


I Want A Dog BookBook of the Month:
by Helga Bansch

An amazingly illustrated work with an sweet tale of compromise. The little girl wants a dog so badly she will try anything to get one. And when she posts a note in the park to “borrow a dog,” a compromise arrives. She gets a job walking a dog.

Our price: $16.95

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Kong Lung Trading: Staff Picks for May 2011

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Design Solutions for function and aesthetics

May 2011

 KleinReid Ceramics  Blenko Glass at Kong Lung Trading

cover from the book entitled "Nobody's Fool"Innobaby Stackables

Fine design is the driving passion behind all of Kong Lung Trading’s wonderful products. We define—our basically indefinable collection—as “transcendent” because it goes beyond expectation. Even the simplest things are made more beautifully and with more concern for function. It is with this in mind we present the following items. We hope you enjoy our choices. Please call us at 808-828-1822 to find out more information. Or even better, to see all of our favorites, come visit us at Kong Lung Trading.

Rootworks bowls on display at Kong Lung TradingOlive wears a Up Country  collarPatty’s Pick: INNOBABY

Innobaby was established in 2006 by two moms on a mission to develop and deliver great solutions for common baby issues. Let us just say, Mission Accomplished!

A visit to their web site puts in perspective how well received the Innobaby products such as Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter, Packin’ SMART Transportation products and the Bamboo Seat Topper Din DIn Divided food trayreally are. Magazines such as Pregnancy & Newborn, American Baby, Storage, and Green Child have expounded the benefits of Innobaby’s stylish and functional designs. They have been featured on numerous tv news programs, endorsed by celebrities and won several parent and child-based awards such as The National Parenting Center Award, Creative Child Magazine’s Top Choice and Seal of Excellence awards. Prices from $24 – $39.50

Deborah Cecil Deborah’s Pick:

KleinReid Eva VasesKleinReid (James Klein and David Reid) have been collaborating for over 15 years with a goal of thoughtful design, fine craftsmanship and lasting beauty. This cutting edge, yet classic designed line of ceramics blurs the line between craft and art, merging industrial techniques and artisanal quality

Most notably, the dynamic duo has collaborated with design legend Eva Zeisel to produce the “Eva” line. Its pieces are in the collections of the White House and many museums. Kong Lung Trading carries the Kokeshi, Hawthorne, Aubrey and Eva Collections. Prices from $50 to $288.KleinReid vases from the Aubrey Collection

Janet TevesBlenko Glass Watercraft water pitchersJanet’s Pick:

Janet states very plainly, “I love Blenko. I bought Blenko’s Watercraft pitchers and use them as a vase as well. Beautiful and serves two purposes as well. It makes me happy just to look at them!”Blenko Glass' Daisey bowls

Blenko Glass Company has been a family owned and operated company since 1893. Their history is rich and interesting and tells the story of a family dedicated to fine craft and the art of glass. Prices from $36 to $265.

The famous Mochi andOlive of Kong LungOlive & Mochi’s Pick:

Handcrafted in Pennsylvania from sustainably harvest wood. Beautiful and functional these wooden utensils bring a sense of beauty and inspiration to any kitchen. The Original Lazy Spoon is a favorite of Rachael Ray and was featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things in ‘O’ Magazine. Christina Perillo, health advocate, and host of the PBS cooking show ‘Christina Cooks’ loves Jonathan’s Wild & Crazy collection. JONATHAN'S WILD CHERRY SPOONS mini spatulasJonathan’s Spoons create spoons for all your kitchen needs: baking, cooking, mixing and stirring; plus we offer spoons for left handed chefs! Our folding tongs are fantastic for serving salads and baked potatoes, as well as multiple kitchen tasks. Every kitchen in America needs one (or more)! Prices from $12 to $65.

Cover of Spice BibleBook of the Month:

by Jane Lawson

A fully comprehensive guide to the history and culinary uses of 45 fiery foods from around the world. Each entry—from ajowan through wolfberry—includes a description of the spice’s origin and uses, guidelines on how to integrate it into your own cooking, and a trove of other helpful information.A spread from Stables

This must-have book also features more than 250 recipes that highlight each ingredient’s distinctive taste and character. All created with flavorful spices and easily mastered by any cook.

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