Shops & Restaurants in the Kong Lung Historic Market Center

The Historic Kong Lung Market Center

The Landmark Before The Lighthouse

Come experience the heart of Kilauea's community and history at the Kong Lung Historic Market Center. Here, the town’s plantation era merges with chic, contemporary boutiques, a bakery and coffee shop, jewelry stores, restaurants and market, and the Center's award winning Historic Photo Retrospective. All residing in and around neatly preserved buildings—including Queenie's Cottage, the old theater, and an over 100-year old field-stone shop that used to be the Kilauea Sugar Plantation's Company store.

A family poses for the funny photo op at The Kong Lung Center, between Island Soap and The Kilauea Bakery.Throughout the decades, the Center has evolved with Kilauea while never letting go of its original charm. Located only minutes from the Kilauea Lighthouse and Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, two of Kauai's most popular destinations for whale watching and bird watching, Kong Lung Historic Market Center is the North Shore's hub for dining, community events, and an eclectic shopping experience. From locally-made goods such as coconut soap and original art, to rare vintage consignment clothing and the latest designer evening wear, Kong Lung Historic Market Center is a perfect reflection of Kauai's wide-ranging tastes.

Just don't think you can rush through Kong Lung in a few hours as if you’re at a mall. The Historic Kong Lung Market Center also boasts a large scale Photo Retrospecive about life in Kilauea, Kauai pre, during and post plantation era. The Retrospective has more than 15 large outdoor displays with engagin images and details of the life and times of our Kilauea Town. Like the small town of Kilauea itself, the Market Center one of those uniquely Hawaiian places where you'll want to soak in the mood, have some conversations, and just take it slow.


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