Kong Lung Trading: Fresh Picks for July 2010

Summer Time at Kong Lung Trading

July 2010

Bon bonns, tori richard & ECRI ceramics

Summer solstace has passed and we’re knee deep in salt water and white sand. Come to Kong Lung Trading to cool off and find the most exquistie summer treasures Kauai has to offer. This month we are featuring Jewelry by Mabel Chong & Lisa McKenzie. We have unloaded our pallet of fine pottery by ECRI. Vases, beautiful pots and insprirational finds for your summer garden. Summer Cookbooks, Tori Richard Mens’ Summer Collection, and the Ultimate Summer Treasure—Bonn Bons, by Lori Bonn. Take a peek and call us directly if you would like to reserve any of our featured items.

Lori Bonn

Bon Bonns by Lori Bonn

We love a woman in power. And when it comes to fashion, Queen Victoria reigned supreme. Her ornate slide charm bracelets were all the rage in 19th century England. Each of her charms had a story. Pearl charms to symbolize her wealth, Onyx charms to mourn the death of her prince. Amethyst charms to prevent drunkeness (those were prudish times, after all). She combined her charms to make bracelets with personal significance for herself and her high society friends. Queen Victoria’s charms are the inspiration behind Bonn Bons, a fresh, modern take on the fashion of the Victorian era. This fun concept includes charmes with fun names like, “Picking up the Pieces”, “Gold digger” or “Little Pearl of Wisdom”. Whatever slide charm you choose, you will cherish this fine piece of jewelry and be inspired to add another slide charm to celebrate the moments in your life that you want to cherish & remember.

ECRI Ceramics

ECRI Dutch ceramicsA Dutch family business of craftsmanship, that has been working for generations on optimising both the quality and the design of its products. Everything is done in-house, from designing new models to developing new colors. ECRI Ceramics follows trends in the industry and does so with high quality products that will last your lifetime. ECRI Ceramics: Generations of a family business with the craft at heart.


Cotton lawn by Tori Richard

Kong Lung Trading stocks the finest selection of Tori Richard Men’s Shirts. We also feature the casual shorts and pants line in various colors and sizes. The shirt featured in this photo is called Carnaby Street and is 100% cotton lawn.