North Shore Activities: Beaches


Anini Beach Kauai

Anini Beach Kauai

The offshore reef at Anini Beach protects the nearshore swimming waters from most wave activity, making it tranquil and relaxing. Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)

One of the true locals and interesting treasures that await you at Anini Beach.

Kauai’s north side features many beautiful stretches of beach. Many of them are closely guarded secrets of the locals, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the loop. In fact, one of the most captivating northern beaches is right here in Kilauea: Anini Beach. The story goes, it used to be called “Wanini” until the W fell off the sign (we’re just informal that way). Only a few minutes outside of town, you can’t miss Anini if you drive the coastline toward Princeville. The park is a popular launching point for surfers and wind surfers when the conditions are right, and the shoreline offers family-friendly recreation with clean public facilities and camp sites.


Anini Beach has many little nooks pools, making it easy to find a calm tidal pool to relax the day away.

Anini has a spectacular reef that reaches over a quarter-mile offshore. It protects the shoreline from harsh waves, making the area very swimable year-round while creating a lush and easily accessible seascape for snorkelers. Nonetheless, the ocean is a wild, uncontrolled environment with currents that can change without warning, so please pay attention to the lifeguards and follow a few basic safety tips while you’re swimming. We want everyone one of Kilauea’s visitors to have fun and safe time.

Oh, and about those other secret beaches, you won’t catch us spilling the beans. You’re going to have to politely ask folks around town when you get here! A little bit of Aloha goes a long way.