Activities on the North Shore of Kauai

Windswept and still very wild, Kauai maintains a reputation as the Hawaiian island where visitors come to find their own adventures. Its roads are not clogged with tour buses, and the beaches aren’t overdeveloped with high-rise condos. Rather, this is the island for the people who searching for a more relaxed, engaging, authentic experience. And visitors to Kauai’s North Shore are quick to learn that the small town of Kilauea breeds the atmosphere they are looking for. Whether you want to chat with locals over coffee and breakfast, take in some of the state’s history, explore the waterways and beaches, or experience live local music (and not that hotel-grade luau stuff) after sunset, this town and its surrounding area has everything you’re looking for. Come, take a stroll down the streets of Kilauea town, and bring your sense of adventure.

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